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Developing a Stroke Rehabilitation Exercise Adherence Measure: StREAM

Around 150,000 people suffer a stroke each year in the UK. Like many chronic conditions stroke survivors are known to benefit from exercise programmes. There is evidence that these programmes are useful in improving function, quality of life, cardiovascular health and motor strength whilst reducing disability, and the risk of secondary strokes. However, to reap the benefits of these programmes the exercise regimes need to be adhered to.

Adherence is difficult to measure and self-report measures are known to over-estimate. A systematic review has been published establishing what self-report measures are used in unsupervised home-based rehabilitation and how robust these measures are. The systematic review can be read via this link.

Poor uptake of exercise programmes and low levels of on-going adherence is common and can results in sub-optimal outcomes. To try and ascertain which individuals are adherent to these home based exercise programmes, the aim of this PhD is to develop a condition specific measure for assessing adherence to unsupervised rehabilitation programmes for stroke survivors. This measure will then be psychometrically validated and assessed for its utility, feasibility and acceptability.

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