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Making Research Relevant and Useful to Care Homes


Knowledge Spa, Truro
4th October 2016
10am - 3.45pm
Category: Seminar

The European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH) as part of the University Of Exeter are planning a free workshop in Cornwall for those interested in research relevant to care homes and those working with dementia.

It is for people in the South West who work in, manage, own or provide services to care homes and those who work with or care for people living in them, who are interested in using and producing relevant research evidence.

We are planning a one-day workshop to allow people to share information and experiences and to facilitate developing a network of people with shared interests. We will facilitate the following hands-on, participatory activities:

Identifying & using research evidence

Learn how to find, and assess the strength of, research evidence

Influencing the local research agenda

Learn how to turn your interests into research questions

Understand the local processes available to influence local research activities (PenCLAHRC and University of Exeter)

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