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Partner in Focus - Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Posted on March 29th 2018
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Partner in Focus - Devon Partnership NHS Trust

As a partnership of NHS Trusts across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, plus the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, we aim to work with healthcare professionals, policymakers and the public to identify areas of research that reflect the real needs and concerns of the health service in the South West.

Devon Partnership NHS Trust (DPT) provide a wide range of NHS services to people with mental health and learning disability needs in Devon, the wider South West region, and nationally. PenCLAHRC have collaborated with the Trust on a number of projects with the aim to advance the delivery of high quality services.

Commenting on...

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Researchers and NHS staff celebrate working together to tackle pressing health service issues

Posted on March 31st 2017
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Researchers and NHS staff celebrate working together to tackle pressing health service issues

Staff from NHS Trusts across the South West came together with PenCLAHRC researchers to celebrate the success of an innovative programme aimed at tackling problems faced by the health service.

The Health Service Modelling Associates (HSMA) programme, run by our operational research team PenCHORD, is designed to embed the skills and knowledge needed to develop and use computer models to support decision making within the NHS.

The pilot programme culminated in a showcase event, held at the University of Exeter Medical School yesterday. Participants presented their project findings and shared how both they and their organisations have benefited from the scheme.

Over the past year,...

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HSMA Project Focus - Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Posted on March 10th 2017
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The Health Service Modelling Associates (HSMA) programme is a pilot scheme run by PenCLAHRC’s operational modelling group PenCHORD. It brings university academics and health organisations from across the South West together, building capacity within the NHS to generate and use evidence from modelling and operational research techniques.

Associates were selected from NHS organisations based on their previous knowledge and skills, and the research question they proposed. As well as providing access to a PenCHORD mentor, it gives them the tools and knowledge to put their research rapidly into practice.

Karl Vile was new into the role of Operational Manager and Programme Lead at Devon Partnership NHS Trust (DPT)...

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A pioneering simulation project slashes waiting times in Devon

Posted on May 19th 2016
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PenCHORD team working

PenCLAHRC’s Operational Research team PenCHORD, have recently teamed up with the Devon Partnership Trust in order to reduce waiting times for mental health assessments.

The Trust wanted to change the way patients were booked into specialist assessment centres across Devon by introducing a new ‘Choose and Book’ system, allowing patients to select the preferred location of their appointment.

Before launching the new system blindly, the Trust teamed up with PenCHORD to help them validate and improve the proposed new system before it was officially rolled out. The PenCHORD team were able to create a detailed simulation of the referral and assessment pathways...

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