Alice Garrood

Alice Garrood

Healthy Parent Carers Project Manager/Research Fellow

  • Child Health & Maternity group member


Mental Health


Alice joined the Healthy Parent Carer Programme, part of the Peninsula Childhood Disability Research Unit (PenCRU) as Project Manager in June 2018. She is also a Research Fellow for the SPaCE Project,┬ápart of the Children and Young People’s Mental Health (ChYMe) research collaboration.

The Healthy Parent Carer Programme seeks to improve the health and wellbeing of parent carers of children with disabilities. Alice managed a study looking at the implementation of the programme and is currently working with funders and commissioners on a national rollout, whilst assessing its continued effectiveness for parent carers.

Alice is working on the Mapping Study for the SPaCE Project. The project aims to explore the current pathways to identification, referral, and treatment for mental health problems for parent carers in England. She previously worked as research manager for the DECODE study, an innovative new health technology, utilising artificial intelligence and data science to improve dementia diagnostics. She has worked clinically and in clinical research within Mental Health in the NHS.