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Implementation Science Group

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What we do

Understanding how to put effective health care into practice is a crucial link in the chain to improve the population’s health. Implementation Science provides this understanding and draws on a range of research methods, including: mixed-methods, behaviour change, operational research, qualitative research and quality improvement.

Within PenCLAHRC, our implementation scientists work across all of our research themes and within three key areas:

  1. Research – developing new projects, supporting emerging projects and obtaining grant funding

  2. Improvement – working collaboratively with partner organisations to support the implementation of evidence-informed change

  3. Capacity-building – increasing the awareness and understanding of implementation science across the South West.

To further improve the contribution implementation science makes toward achieving PenCLAHRC's strategic goals, we are focused on:

 Who we are

Dr Iain Lang 
Senior Lecturer in Public Health
and Lead for Communications

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Dr Jo Day
Research Fellow

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Charlene Ronquillo 
Associate Research Fellow

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Rebecca Hardwick 
Associate Research Fellow

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Dr Sanne Van Kampen 
Research Assistant

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Dr Laura Pickup 
Research Fellow

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Charlotte Hewlett
Research Manager

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Learning, Knowing, Doing (LKD) seminar series

To find out more about the LKD seminar series and access past seminar presentations please visit the seminar page.

Read the LKD blog here.

Current projects

A full list of PenCLAHRC projects involving implementation science can be viewed by searching the PenCLAHRC project database. A selection of projects we are currently working on are shown below:

PenCLAHRC-resourced projects Care Homes Implementation & Knowledge Mobilisation (CHIK-P)
Health Services Modelling Associates programme evaluation
Collaborative projects

Patient-Centred Coordinated Care (P3C) programme of work.  

We are working with SWAHSN, South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commisioning Group, and other partners on this programme. 

Analysing Implementation in Acute Stroke and Patient-Initiated Clinics (ASPIC)

We are working with SWAHSN on the ASPIC project.

Externally-resourced projects

Exeter Policing, Evidence, and Research Translation (ExPERT)

ExPERT is funded by the College of Policing. 

Dissemination and implementation in dementia care 

Funded by the Alzheimer’s Society.

Interventions to improve antimicrobial prescribing of doctors in training: a realist review

This review is funded by the NIHR's Health Services and Delivery Research (HS&DR) programme.

APPEAL (Antenatal Preventative Pelvic floor Exercises and Localisation) - Delivery of Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Education for Women During Pregnancy

Appeal is funded by an NIHR programme grant and led by the University of Birmingham.

Upcoming Events


Seminar on Open Access by...

South Cloisters 3.06, St Luke’s campus with video conferencing link to MR8, John Bull Building, Plymouth and F083 in Truro

  A life with no Windows. A 12 month exploration into living in an Open Science...
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PPI Advice Clinic

The University of Exeter, St Luke's campus, South Cloisters

Patient and Public Involvement Clinic What? These clinics have been set up to help the PenCLAHRC PPI Team manage and respond...
More information



Using Implementation Science to drive health care change: The ASPIC project

14 December 2017

Understanding how to put effective health care into practice is an important part of the...
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Research Projects

Parent-to-Parent Support Interventions for Parents of Babies Cared for in a Neonatal unit (PaReNt)

Theme: Mental Health & Dementia

A systematic review of qualitative and quantitative evidence of parent to parent support interventions for...
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Improving the Experience of Care for People with Dementia in Hospital (ACEDEM)

Theme: Mental Health & Dementia

Can we improve the experience of care for people with dementia in hospital? A synthesis...
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Research Projects